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- found a saving of £57.95 (40%) on 02/03 at 15:24, returning on 04/03 at 16:23

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Raileasy  is dedicated to saving money on train tickets. This money saving booking engine uses a system called Split ticketing.

On a typical journey, say an off peak fare, Birmingham to Leeds costs £58.10. But using Split ticketing it would be £37.90, saving a whopping £20.20. Peak time savings can be even bigger.

Split ticketing works by us amalgamating cheaper tickets along that route, say, Birmingham to Derby, Derby to Sheffield, Sheffield to Leeds, but only if the journey stops en route.

You’d have to carry a few more tickets, but happily you’ll be carrying more money that you’ve saved too. You won’t have to get off the train either.

Savings can be made on both Advance and Flexible tickets in First or Standard.

Booking is simple and easy, but can take a minute or so as the engine searches for the biggest savings.

Split ticketing is completely legitimate and is specifically allowed in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage. If there is a delay, all rail companies will allow you to travel on a later train.

Train travel pricing is rising and demand is growing. On the left is a Fare rise calculator’ which shows how much the train companies are hiking up prices.

Beat those fare rises by using our split ticketing fare beater, system.

Image - Short breaks, shorter prices

14:25 - found a saving of £109.40 (59%) between BRISTOL TEMPLE MEADS and WEMBLEY CENTRAL on 13/12 at 09:40, returning at 16:45

14:51 - found a saving of £78.90 (54%) between LONDON (MAINLINE STATIONS) and NOTTINGHAM on 11/12 at 16:29, returning at 21:02

14:50 - found a saving of £35.90 (49%) between PLYMOUTH and WINCHESTER on 16/12 at 14:00