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- found a saving of £17.90 (27%) on 23/08 at 14:47, returning on 25/08 at 15:05

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What TrainSplit.com does

TrainSplit.com is dedicated to saving you money on your train tickets. We do this by using a technique called "splitting". Imagine the following scenario:

An Off-Peak ticket to return the same day between Birmingham and Leeds costs £56.10 (August 2013). However, you can buy a ticket from Birmingham to Derby, one from Derby to Sheffield and one from Sheffield to Leeds for a total of £36.80, saving £19.30. At peak times, the savings can be much bigger.

These tickets are valid on exactly the same trains and you don't have to get off the train where you change from one ticket to another. The only thing that you must check is that the train stops at every station where you split tickets. So in this case, your train would have to stop at Derby and Sheffield. You would not be able to use any train that didn't.

TrainSplit.com automates the search for these split tickets by looking through the entire fares database until it finds the cheapest options it can for both Advance and Flexible tickets as well and First and Standard Class. Sometimes this can take a while, so please bear with the site if it seems slow at first.

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00:11 - found a saving of £111.90 (64%) between MANCHESTER PICCADILLY and EXETER ST DAVIDS on 21/08 at 09:27, returning at 15:24

01:23 - found a saving of £90.55 (59%) between TIVERTON PARKWAY and NOTTINGHAM on 31/08 at 08:37, returning on 02/09 at 09:41

00:01 - found a saving of £102.95 (59%) between BIRMINGHAM INTERNATIONAL and LONDON (MAINLINE STATIONS) on 21/08 at 06:20, returning at 16:43