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- found a saving of £57.95 (40%) on 02/03 at 15:24, returning on 04/03 at 16:23

Cheaper Than Trainline

We will always sell train tickets cheaper than the Trainline*

If you’ve been buying train tickets on one of the major websites or using the machines at the station, it’s highly likely you’ve been paying more than you need to.

It’s already known that booking train travel in advance can be up to 80% cheaper than buying tickets on the day of departure but thanks to Trainsplit split ticketing where a journey is broken down into smaller sections with a separate ticket for each bit because this is cheaper than the conventional through ticket, is an increasingly common method used by savvy travellers to get more for their money.

Despite split ticketing savings being an open secret within the industry, though, neither National Rail, nor any train company site nor any other third party rail retailing site including Trainline and Red Spotted Hanky actually sell split tickets.

To add weight to this, Passenger Director at independent travel watchdog Transport Focus, David Sidebottom recently commented that ‘Less than half of passengers in our most recent survey felt they had got value for money on their train ticket.’

The Trainsplit.com website automatically searches for these cheaper split fares and books the correct combination of tickets, finding savings on 60% of journeys and providing average additional savings of 30% compared to any other train booking site.

Unlike other third party retailers, Trainsplit does not charge any booking or card fees. If a split ticketing saving is found a commission equivalent to 10% of the saving is charged, but in all instances this still works out cheaper than buying anywhere else. If there is no saving by splitting the fare, no fees are charged.

Split savings are available on both fixed time advance tickets and flexible walk-up fares and tickets booked online can be picked up from the station as soon as the booking is confirmed.

How about booking at the station then? Whilst it may be possible to get split tickets from the booking office, staff at train stations are not obliged to sell them and do not have the Trainsplit system that would enable them to find them automatically. They are not available from the ticket machines at the station either.

So how much cheaper than the Trainline is Trainsplit.com? Let’s compare the cost of some popular rail journeys on the main UK rail ticket sites:

Journey Trainline
(£1.50 booking fee)
Red Spotted Hanky
(£1 booking fee)
National Rail Trainsplit
10% of split saving)
(Off peak return)
(Inc. Fee £55.00)
(Inc. fee £54.50)
(Inc. share of saving £35.05)
(Anytime Return)
(Inc. fee £330.50)
(Inc. fee £330.00)
(Virgin Trains)
(Inc. share of saving £259.34)
(Anytime return)
£ 71.50
(Inc. booking fee £73.00)
(Inc. booking fee £72.00)
(Inc. share of saving £50.80)
(super off peak return)
(Inc. booking fee £55.90)
(Inc. booking fee £55.50)
(Scot Rail)
(Inc. share of saving £42.34)
Wellingborough – London
(Anytime day return)
(Inc. booking fee £97.50)
(Inc. booking fee £97.00)
(East Midlands Trains)
(Inc. share of saving £54.42)
London-Bath Spa
(off peak day return)
(Inc. booking fee £72.00)
(Inc. booking fee £71.50)
(First Great Western)
(Inc. share of saving £45.39)
(Anytime day return)
(Inc. booking fee £78.20)
(Inc. booking fee £77.70)
(Abellio Greater Anglia)
(Inc. share of saving)
(Anytime day single)
Fare £53.00
(Inc. booking fee £54.50)
(Inc. booking fee £54.00)
(Inc. share of saving £44.45)

* Identical itineraries only. Excludes promotional offers exclusive to the Trainline or individual train operating companies.

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14:25 - found a saving of £109.40 (59%) between BRISTOL TEMPLE MEADS and WEMBLEY CENTRAL on 13/12 at 09:40, returning at 16:45

14:51 - found a saving of £78.90 (54%) between LONDON (MAINLINE STATIONS) and NOTTINGHAM on 11/12 at 16:29, returning at 21:02

14:50 - found a saving of £35.90 (49%) between PLYMOUTH and WINCHESTER on 16/12 at 14:00